"Anniversary Blue Yodel" by Merle Haggard is a classic country blues song that follows the traditional structure of a blues lament
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"Narration #1" is a spoken introduction to Merle Haggard's song "California Blues," where he pays homage to Jimmie Rodgers, often referred to as the "Father of Country Music
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"Narration #5" by Merle Haggard is a song that pays tribute to the legendary country musician Jimmie Rodgers
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The song "No One To Sing For (But The Band)" by Merle Haggard is a melancholic tune about the loneliness that sometimes comes with being a musician
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Soldier's Last Letter is a poignant song written by Merle Haggard
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The song "What Am I Gonna Do (With The Rest Of My Life)" by Merle Haggard is about a man who is struggling to cope with the end of a relationship
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Actually, "Keep On The Sunny Side" is not a Merle Haggard song, it is an old American hymn that was popularized by the Carter Family in the 1920s
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Merle Haggard's song "Set My Chickens Free" tells the story of a man who works on a chicken farm in Nashville, Tennessee
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"September in Miami" is a love song by American country music singer Merle Haggard
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The song "Silver Eagle" by Merle Haggard is about a famous musician who rides into town on a big silver eagle
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