The song "That Ain't Fresh" by Parry Gripp is a humorous and playful commentary on things or situations that are not considered to be fresh or appealing
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:482
The song "Chicken Tender" by Parry Gripp is a silly and playful tune that doesn't necessarily have a deep meaning or story
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:671
The meaning and story of Parry Gripp's song "Give A Ham A Hug" is a humorous and lighthearted take on the misconception and fear surrounding the swine flu, particularly in relation to consuming pork products
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:173
Parry Gripp's song "Charge It Up Up Up Up Up!" is an upbeat and catchy tune that celebrates the joys and benefits of electric vehicles
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:974
Parry Gripp's song "Future Potato" is a fun and quirky tune that pays homage to the potential of potatoes in the future
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:497
The song "Good Puppy, Good Truck, Good Life" by Parry Gripp talks about the simple joys and contentment that can be found in life, especially for a working person
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:538
The song "Mucho Cafeino, Pico Dinero" by Parry Gripp is a silly and humorous tune that incorporates a mix of English and Spanish phrases
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:835
The song "I Wanna Guinea Pig For Christmas" by Parry Gripp is a light-hearted and playful holiday song about a child's desire to have a guinea pig as a Christmas gift
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:528
The song "Free Popsicles" by Parry Gripp is a lighthearted and playful track that tells a story of a group of friends eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ice cream man
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:568
The song "Credit Report" by Parry Gripp is a catchy and humorous jingle that promotes the importance of checking and understanding your credit report
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:481

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