The song "Slippin' Out Amerikkka" by Esham explores themes of societal corruption, oppression, and the struggle for freedom
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:799
"Make Me Wanna Holla" is a song by Esham, a rapper and hip-hop artist
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:1015
"Dionaea Muscipula" is a song by Esham, an American rapper from Detroit
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:713
The song "Dem Boyz" by Esham is a gritty and raw portrayal of the hardships and struggles faced by individuals involved in drug dealing and gang culture in inner-city neighborhoods
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:513
"Dead of Winter" by Esham is a song that portrays a dark and gritty atmosphere
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:616
"Dream Girl" by Esham is a song that tells the story of a man who becomes infatuated with a girl he meets
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:527
"The Oven Mitt" by Esham is a song that revolves around the artist's experiences growing up in the harsh environment of Detroit
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:196
The song "Cruzin Down 7 Mile" by Esham is a rap track that portrays a narrative centered around Esham's experiences and encounters while driving down 7 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:637
The song "Nothing" by Esham explores themes of violence, loss, and disillusionment in the music industry
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:818
"I'd Rather Be Dead" by Esham is a song that explores themes of frustration, anger, and the desire for escape from a life filled with racism, hardships, and personal struggles
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:551

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