The song "N3N4-2077" by Vkuhzo seems to tell the story of a romantic relationship that has ended, but the singer still finds themselves drawn to their former partner
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:721  |  Author:Vkuhzo
The song "Ether" by Oracle and Manuscript tells a complex and intricate story filled with mystical and fantastical imagery
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:819  |  Author:Oracle(Rapper/produc
In this song, Xanity expresses the struggles and inner turmoil they are facing in their life
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:975  |  Author:Xanity
"Whirlwind" by Bre Kennedy tells the story of a person who is constantly caught up in the hectic pace of life and struggles to stay grounded in the present moment
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:140  |  Author:Bre Kennedy
The song "Dawn" by Teto (JPN) seems to be about embarking on a journey into the unknown, with a sense of excitement and adventure
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:410  |  Author:Teto (JPN)
The song "Bad Boys Cry" by Kid Riz tells the story of a troubled relationship with a woman named Caroline
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:629  |  Author:Kid Riz
The song "Oxigênio" by Jota Quest is a call to recognize the importance of nature and the environment in our lives
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:457  |  Author:Jota Quest
The song "Bitches & Dogs" by Valas talks about seeking balance in life, indulging in vices like alcohol and drugs, and navigating through struggles and sins
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:789  |  Author:Valas
In the song "Yo Aprendí" by mhtresuno, the singer expresses how they learned to be happy when they had to leave and find their own path
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:816  |  Author:​mhtresuno
The song "C'è" by Pino Crucitti is about a fantastical love story that the singer wants to create with someone special
DATA:2024-05-29  |  Read:517  |  Author:Pino Crucitti

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