"Far As We Go" by John Hiatt is a song that explores the theme of broken love and the longing to return to a happier time
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:320
The song "Feelin' Again" by John Hiatt explores the theme of rediscovering emotions and reconnecting with oneself
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:538
"The Crush" by John Hiatt is a love song that describes the overwhelming feeling of infatuation and desire experienced by the narrator upon meeting someone special for the first time
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:881
"When We Ran" is a song by John Hiatt
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:94
"Zero House" by John Hiatt is a song that explores the themes of lost love, regret, and the destructive nature of a relationship
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:96
The song "Wrote It Down And Burned It" by John Hiatt tells the story of a girl who is heartbroken over her lover, Jimmy, who left town without saying goodbye
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:215
"Drive South" by John Hiatt is a song that carries themes of renewal, escape, and finding solace in love
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:180
"Getting Excited" by John Hiatt is a song that explores themes of adolescence, desire, and unrequited love
Data:2024-05-11  |  Read:852
The song "Lincoln Town" by John Hiatt describes the feelings and emotions the narrator experiences, comparing them to the power and energy of a freight train
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:241
"Maybe Baby, Say You Do" is a song by John Hiatt, released in 1979
Data:2024-01-18  |  Read:821

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